These three useful Android 11 features might not be available on all smartphones

Google has its own way of telling OEMs which features coming with a new Android build they have to mandatorily offer with their custom skins that rely on the Android Open Source Project, and the ones they can choose to skip. These rules are compiled in the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD). Implementation of newRead More

How to create an 'I'm getting pulled over' shortcut on Android

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen the constant barrage of stories covering the collective societal frustration with the endemic racism that has plagued this country for centuries. Aside from highlighting the protests of social injustice around the country and the world, these stories have also shown frightening interactions betweenRead More

Apple may give us a 12-inch MacBook with an Arm-based processor

It seems that Apple may go back to making 12-inch MacBook laptops. However, these new devices would arrive with Appleā€™s new Arm-based processors. Now, @choco_bit has shared his ideas on twitter on these new laptops. Rumors suggest that Apple will soon stop using Intel processors in its future Macs and that these will be replacedRead More

5 ways the Cortex-X program could change Android as we know it

ARM’s Cortex-X program could mean phone makers have a lot of room for bigger and better things. We don’t have a lot of details about ARM’s Cortex-X program, where ARM will work with companies that build processors to customize them from the ground up, outside of some press materials and datasheets from ARM itself. WeRead More