The Zebra can save you hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance

If shopping around for car insurance doesn’t exactly sound like your idea of a good time, you’re far from alone. Thanks to a seemingly endless number of plans, marketing campaigns, and constant price fluctuations, finding a decent (let alone truly great) car insurance plan for yourself or your family can often feel like an endlessRead More

TCL 10 Pro Review

Remember when the new kid on the block, OnePlus was all about making the best possible Android smartphone and selling it for the best possible price? In 2020 OnePlus’s “Best Bang for Your Buck” title has been challenged a bit. First of all, their OnePlus 8 series is getting kind of expensive at $700+. Secondly,Read More

Google Meet is now free, but do you need an account to use it?

Best answer: Even though Google is making its video conferencing platform Meet free, you’ll still technically need a Google account to use it. I say technically, because there is at least one way you can use Meet without an account, which we’ll address below. Desktop version: Google Meet (See at Google) Mobile app: Google MeetRead More